Why Bre?

She is engaging. I love audience participation whether that's including their mission statement(something specifically relatable to them, having them stand/raise hands at different points to build trust/show each other we're more alike/everyone is fighting something. Interesting facts/stats, relatable analogies/life experiences, well timed humor, visuals, audio.

She is authentic. Bre tells her story unapologetically. She doesn't sugar coat difficulties or truth, keeping things raw and real without fear or evil taking over. 

She is funny. Bre uses her unique wittiness as a way to balance talking about difficult topics. Her humor lightens the mood so the audience isn't overwhelmed with fear to show no matter how bad it gets, that good is always there and there is always a reason to laugh again. 

She is a Fighter. Bre shares how she physically fought for her life and has continued that fight in an emotional, mental, and spiritual realm ever since.

She is relatable. Bre goes into topics most people avoid but everyone struggles with, and teaches them to recognize/accept and regain control. The steps that helped her overcome attempted murder are the same steps she uses to overcome everyday life stress.

She is experiencedBre has 13 years of leading classes/teaching. She also has 3.5 years of sharing her fight story with over 150 audiences.

She is living proof. She is a walking example that you can overcome life's hardest fights and darkest times. By going to through the darkest of times, she has a light that shows others how to overcome their darkest times as well. 



  • FunFunny - uniquely use my wittiness as a way to balance difficult topics

  • Funny - uniquely use my wittiness as a way to balance difficult topics