"Extremely admirable."

"An impressive person. A great role model for girls who are insecure fighting their own battles."

"Dives into every emotion in perfect timing."
"Abolishes 'women aren't as strong as men' stereotype."

"I didn't expect to laugh as much as I cried! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, just like everyone else."

"Not afraid to speak up about real problems."

"Bre has been able to help thousands of women get through their fight in life with words of encouragement through her fight story."

"An angel on earth for hundreds upon hundreds."

"By far one of the best [events] I have ever been to." 

"A beacon of light and fortitude, even when it seems all other lights have gone out."

"A force for good."

"It took me awhile before I realized i was holding my breath. I was hanging on every single word that Bre was saying."